French & European Style Hair Braiding

Maria of Verso Braiding leads our team of hair braiders. Each hair braider can do approx. 4 to 6 elaborate French-European style hair braids per hour in a variety of complex designs that include colored ribbon incorporated into the braid. They bring a picture book with a wide variety of braided hairstyles that guests choose from. Ribbons and flower hair clips are also included and each guest will also be given a free hair brush to take home. Extra hair glitter is optional! Braids can last up to 5 days!

We also offer faster hair style designs, including hair tinsel, hair feathers & simple braids on one side of the head. Maria and her team can create approx. 10 to 12 of these styles per hour. This service is perfect for large scale events. All supplies included, as well as a comb for each guest to take home. Extra hair glitter is optional! Tinsel and feathers can last 1 to 2 weeks or longer. Braids can last up to 5 days!

How long do braids last?

~ Up to 5 days with proper care

How long does hair tinsel and feathers last?

~ 1 to 2 weeks or longer

How many designs per hour?

~ Elaborate French / European Hair Styles: 4-6 kids per hour. 3-4 adults per hour.

~ Simple Braids, Hair Tinsel & Feathers: 10-12 simple braids, hair tinsel and hair feathers per hour.

Recommended for:

~ Ages 5 and up

Hair Braiding is perfect for:

~ Fairy / Enchanted Forest Parties!, Kids Birthday Parties, Sleepovers, Prom, Weddings


Hair Braiding Services

Hair Braiding services includes  all supplies! Including tinsel, hair feathers, flower hair clips and ribbon. Each guest receives 1 free comb to take home.

Hair Braiding services will move along more quickly if guests hair is washed, conditioned, detangled and combed ahead of time. We ask clients to make sure everyone arrives with their hair pre-combed and detangled. This will help the hair braiders to do more braids per hour. Our elaborate French / European style hair braids can be done for 5-6 kids per hour, or 3-4 adults per hour. Time it takes for each guest depends on their length of hair and if their hair has been prepped ahead of time.

Hair Braiding cannot be done during or immediately after swimming. We do not recommend this service for pool parties.


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