Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush Tattoos are waterproof temporary tattoos applied by airbrushing alcohol based paints over stencils. Airbrush Tattoos can last 3-5 days or be removed the same day with rubbing alcohol. This is now our fastest available service accommodating more guests per hour than any other service. Airbrush artists can apply up to 20 designs per hour! Airbrush artists are using stencils, no freehand drawing involved. Our airbrush tattoo artists have standard portfolios they bring to every event with super popular design options from mermaids and roses to skulls, pirate ships and dragons. Let us know if your event has a special theme because we can create custom stencils for your special event!

Airbrush Tattoos also available in UV Blacklight reactive colors!

How long do they last?

~ 1 to 5 days, or can be removed same day!

How many designs per hour?

~ 15 to 20, depending on number of colors

Recommended for:

~ Ages 5 and up

Airbrush Tattoos are perfect for:

~ Teen / Adult Parties, Grad Nights, Kids Birthday Parties, Pool Parties, Super Bowl or World Series Parties, promoting your business or booth at a festival or expo


Custom Designs Airbrush Tattoo Stencils

Our Airbrush Tattoo artists can create a portfolio of custom stencil designs for your special event. Send us artwork of your business logo! We advise a minimum 2-4 weeks notice if your event requires custom stencils. Cost for custom stencils ranges from $15-$25 per stencil depending on size and number of colors required for the design. Our artists might already have the designs you are looking for, but if your event has a special theme and requires custom stencils, please let us know when you fill out our Custom Quote Form >

Airbrush Tattoo Supplies & Application

Airbrush tattoos are created using waterproof FDA approved cosmetic grade alcohol based paints. Artists apply reusable stencils to the skin and use air guns to spray the paint onto the skin. Airbrush tattoo service requires easy access electricity! Each airbrush tattoo artist has a compressor for their equipment, this takes approx. 120 volts, less electricity than a hair dryer.

Airbrush Tattoo Aftercare & Removal

Airbrush Tattoos can last up to 5 days or they can be removed on the same day they are applied. To keep it looking good and lasting longer, do not scratch it or rub it with a towel after taking a shower. To remove your airbrush tattoo: Apply oil or 70% rubbing alcohol along with soap and warm water.

Airbrush Tattoo Setup Requirements

Airbrush Tattoos Artists will need a table (approx 4x6 feet of space) and 2 chairs. Airbrush artists also require easy access to an electrical outlet. Their equipment requires electricity, approx. 120 volts, less power required for a hair dryer. The artist needs to be placed in the shade if outdoors, under a 10x10 shade structure or umbrella. If indoors they also need to be in a well lit area, if the space is dim, please advise if we should bring our own lighting.

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