Bay Area Face Painters ~ Making YOU the STAR of the SHOW! .¸¸.•*¨`*• ☆

Bay Area Face Painters is a network of experienced, professionally trained Fine Artists, Event Planners, and Professional Event Entertainers & Performers. We connect families, event planners, corporate clients, community events and non-profits with professional, full-time Fine Artists with the skills to offer multiple services! Our Professional Fine Artists offer temporary body art for All Ages and All Occasions!

Our network covers the entire San Francisco Bay Area and have face painters and artists living locally in San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, Mill Valley, Castro Valley, Fremont, Union City, San Mateo, Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. Travel fees may be required for to towns in the outer Bay Area where we do not have artists living locally, including Novato, Sonoma, Napa, Vallejo, Livermore and Monterey Bay.

Setup Requirements

Our network of professional artists request that clients meet the following set-up requirements:

• Please provide your artist with an area of approx. 6 to 10 feet around their station so guests not receiving services do not overcrowd the artist.

• Please provide a regular height table (minimum 4x4 feet) + 2 chairs per artist. 1 large 6-foot table can accommodate 2 artists. Having our clients provide the table and chairs means a faster set-up and break down for the artist. It also means less items being taken from party to party.

Airbrush Tattoos requires easy access to a reliable electrical outlet! Airbrush compressors are 120 volts and requires less power than a hair dryer. They also require a 3-prong outlet for their electrical cord.

OUTDOOR EVENTS:artists must be protected from weather and the elements at ALL TIMES. Artists cannot work in direct sunlight or in the rain. This creates a dangerous working environment for the artists and your guests. Please provide shade! The artist requires to be setup in a shaded area or under shade structure or canopy. The sun will melt our paints and kids eyes will water if they are looking into direct sunlight. The heat from direct sunlight can also damage some of our supplies, including nail paints, all-natural henna paste and aftercare and is a health hazard for our artists.

INDOOR EVENTS: please provide ample lighting! If the area your artist is setup in is dim or dark they cannot create the best body art possible for your guests. Artists are able to provide small battery operated table lights and headlamp.  Please let us know if lighting will be an issue at your event.

If you have any problem meeting these set-up requirements please let us know : ) Some of our artists are able to provide their own set-up when it is absolutely required, however most of our artists are not equipped to bring table and chairs to events.

Face Painters are taking the following safety precautions with their kits and face paint supplies:

• Kits, face paints and supplies will be kept clean and wiped down before and after each event using cosmetic sanitizers.

• Sponges and brushes are washed and sanitized after each event. Only one sponge applicator is used per person.

• To keep brushes and paints clean throughout the event artists will use a 3 pot brush sanitizing system (one pot for rinsing the paint out of the brush, one pot to sanitize the brush in brush bath or something comparable. One pot of clean water).

• Artists will not paint anyone who appears to be sick or showing symptoms of conjunctivitis.


Please be sure to read our Terms of Service regarding Setup Requirements, Travel Fees and Cancellation Policy. Please make sure you are able to comply with the requirements that our network of professional artists' have decided upon before confirming your booking.

Client is responsible for following the artist's safety precautions and set-up requirements. If you have a problem providing anything in our setup requirements detailed above, please let us know so we can help accommodate.

Accurate guest count is important. If there are more guests at your event expecting services than we plan for, this will result in not everyone receiving a design in the time frame booked for, or you the client will need to pay the artist for any additional time in order to accommodate extra guests. Rates for additional time are $50 to $75 each additional 30 minutes depending on the services booked. Staying additional time is at the discretion of the artist.

Client must provide and confirm accurate exact address and location details for your event. If we are not given accurate location details, this may result in the artist being late. Client's are responsible for making sure we have all the information the artist needs to know in order to arrive at your event on time. If the artist is late or unable to find your event due to an error on the client's part or if the client is unreachable the day of the event, we consider this a day of cancellation and the client will owe payment in full.

Travel Fees

Bay Area Face Painters has a network of professional face painters living locally all over the San Francisco Bay Area, therefore we can pass the savings onto our clients by not charging travel fees. Booking in advance will guarantee a local artist. If you book last minute and our only available artist is traveling a considerable distance, we may require an additional travel fee. Travel fee requirements are at the discretion of the artist. Travel fees will be discussed and approved by the client before confirming your booking. Areas outside of our regular coverage zone that require travel fees: Vallejo, Novato, Napa, Livermore and Monterey Bay.

Artists always require parking fees or venue entrance fees to be covered if necessary.

Confirmation Deposits

Bay Area Face Painters do not consider your event fully confirmed until you pay a confirmation deposit. All professional artists require a confirmation deposit to fully confirm an event.

Cancellation & Payment Policy

Once a confirmation deposit has been made, we are now officially holding open our calendar for you and you are guaranteed one of our professional fine artists for your event. We cannot book another event for the artist who booked themselves for your event if you cancel or change your date last minute. Confirmation deposits are non-refundable. If your date has changed, we will transfer the entire confirmation deposit to your new date if it is within 30 days of the original date. However, we cannot guarantee the same artists' or services will be available if you change your date. If you cancel or reschedule your event within 14 days of the event, you will owe 50% of the entire amount. If you cancel within 48 hours of your event you will owe the remaining balance in full.

We do not offer refunds or omit owing final payment for any kind of inclement weather or poor air quality.  Please have a back up location plan in place if your event is outdoors with no weather protection.

We require the remaining balance or payment in full, to be paid on or before the date of the event.         

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Your Event

We have our Rates posted on our website! Check our our Rates & Pacakges before contacting us to book. If you know you want to confirm one or our amazing artists please fill out our custom quote form. Once you receive your Custom Quote please respond immediatley and let us know you want to confirm. We cannot hold open the date or add your event to our calendar until the deposit or the entire amount for your event has been paid 

We do our best to return phone calls within 24 hours. If you call us on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, chances are you will hear back from us on Monday.

How do face painters and artists dress for events?

Bay Area Face Painters and artists dress professionally, colorfully, and/or creatively for every party or special event. Our events range from 2 year old birthday parties and family parties to Night Club Events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and large scale corporate events. We dress appropriately for the occasion. Each artist has their own style. If you have a special request or theme for your event, we are happy to do our best to dress for the occasion. However, we do not dress in costume or as characters. Our focus is producing epic high quality temporary body art for all ages and all occasions! ~ Our goal is to make YOU the STAR of the SHOW .¸¸.•*¨`*• ☆