Glamour Tattoos

Glamour Tattoos are freehand designs drawn to look like natural henna tattoos. No stencils involved, just super talented artists! Now you can have a temporary waterproof "henna style tattoo" that will dry almost instantly and last up to 7 days, or it can be removed the same day! Teens and adults tend to prefer this option over face painting at any party. Glamour Tattoos are a great alternative to henna, which takes almost 20 minutes to dry and will last longer.

How long do they last?

~ Up to 5 days, or can be removed same day!

How many designs per hour?

~ 10-12 freehand designs

Recommended for:

~ Ages 8 and up

Glamour Tattoos are perfect for:

~ Teen / Adult Parties, Grad Nights, Kids Birthday Parties


Glamour Tattoo Supplies & Application

Glamour tattoos are created using waterproof FDA approved body paints, acrylic cosmetic grade glue and body art quality glitter. We use specialized applicator bottles to draw the design onto your skin. All designs are freehand and created by our professional artists! NO STENCILS involved!

Glamour Tattoo Aftercare & Removal

Glamour Tattoos can last up to 5 days or they can be removed on the same day they are applied. To keep it looking good and lasting longer, do not scratch it or rub it with a towel after taking a shower. To remove your glamour tattoo: Most gentle way to remove is to soak skin area in warm water or bath. Rub off the remaining tattoo easily in the warm water. Or use olive oil, baby oil or rubbing alcohol to break up and remove the remaining tattoo.

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