4 Reasons to Book Bay Area Face Painters .¸¸.•*¨`*• ☆

Just because a website titles their page or link in a search engine Bay Area Face Painters, it does not mean they are apart of our well established professional network of artists that have been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 2007. Congratulations, you found the official Bay Area Face Painters website : )

Why book with us and not the artists quoting unprofessional rates? What is an unprofessional rate? Anything under $100 per hour. Whoa but aren't I getting a great deal by booking an ameteur for $50 per hour? No you are not, and you will get what you pay for! So why are we so awesome and worth our rates? See below . . . .¸¸.•*¨`*• ☆

1. Reliability ~

Bay Area Face Painters has never canceled an event. In the event of an emergency, for instance the artist being sick, having a family emergency, or a car break down on the way to an event, we have 9 times out of 10 found a replacement for that client’s event within hours of the party. Our artists are pros, these types of emergencies do not come up often, but when they have we always found coverage and never canceled an event. Our home office receives on average 4-6 calls per month, from clients in a panic because their artist canceled on them last minute. Our artists are well established, professional and reliable. We understand the importance of showing up to events early so we are on time to start. Our motto: its better to be 30 minutes early than 5 minutes late! Sometimes birthday parties and special events are scheduled minute by minute. There is no room for tardiness and timeframes are not always adjustable, making it impossible for an artist to simply stay at an event late to make up for lost time. Our artists understand that and plan for all of the Bay Area traffic to make it to our events early, so we can be at your event on time.

2. One Stop Shop for Multiple Artists & Multi-Talented Artists ~

We offer a variety of the most popular body art options for any event, face painting, waterproof tattoos, balloon twisting, and natural henna tattoos. We also book unique services like nail art & hair braiding. If you are planning a large scale event and looking for multiple artists or multiple services, there is no need to coordinate with 3-4 seperate artists or companies who only offer one service. Book with us, we are able to meet all of your needs. You might save money booking with multiple seperate entities offering cheap rates, but how much more time are you going to spend communicating with so many different artists or companies? Why create more of a hassle for yourself when we make it so easy!

We specialize in booking artists who are multi-talented and can offer multiple services. How many artists can offer super high quality face painting and bridal mehndi quality henna tattoos? We can think of 4 artists in the entire Bay Area, and 3 of them work with our network! Our artsits have something for all ages and at every occasion. Save money by booking a multi-talented artist, who can offer your party guests lots of options.

3. Creating High Quality Work, Quickly ~ 

Bay Area Face Painters make lots of people happy, including your pocketbook! Our artists are experienced, some of us have been specializing in face painting, henna & temporary tattoo art for 10-20 years. Adorning you with fun, temporary body art is our full time job, which means we are in practice and do this all the time, making our work high quality and quick to create. Not only are we creating art for weekend and week day events, we are also attending henna and face painting conferences in the off season to improve our skills and add to our repertoire. Some of our most advanced artists can create up to 15 designs per hour, including full face painting designs and nice sized detailed henna hand designs. Our artists can accommodate a large party in a short amount of time. You won’t save any money or impress your party guests by booking an artist with low rates, who in reality can only produce 6-8 sloppy designs per hour. It might take another artist 3 hours to do what our artists can do in 1 hour.

4. We use Safe, Cosmetic Grade & All Natural Body Art Products ~

How many of you ask what an artist is putting onto your or your child’s body? Is the artist using safe, cosmetic grade, hypoallergenic, non-toxic paints made to go on the face and body? OR are they using acrylic paints? Is that artist using body art quality BAQ polyester or eucalyptus based glitter? Maybe they are using craft glitter made of metal that can cut and damage your cornea. Are they using fresh all natural henna paste that they mixed themselves? Or are they using store bought “natural” henna cones that may contain terpentine, gasoline or other harsh chemicals that are known to cause permanent scarring?

It is very important no matter which henna artist you choose to work with, that they are suing fresh all naural henna paste, that they mixed themselves or bought from a reputable supplier. For all of our clients wanting to buy their own natural henna to use at home, we recommend Henna Caravan, based in Southern California. Most "henna" you find on a shelf in store is also known as Black Henna, which is not henna at all. Black Henna is dangerous! It is made purely of chemicals, most often it is PPD from black hair dye, which a majority of peope have alergic reactions to. Sometimes the reactions are severe reactions causing permanent scarring.

If you did not know to ask these questions, now you do ; ) Bay Area Face Painters have been astonished to see a lot of artists using Black Henna, or store bought chemical cones at some pretty upscale corporate events over the last 2 years, not to mention school events, fundraisers and carnivals. You should always make sure whoever is offering henna at your event, that they are offering fresh all natural henna paste that they mixed themselves and can tell you what ingredients are in it.

Bay Area Face Painters guarantees, all of our artists use safe, cosmetic grade, hypo-alergenic paints and body art supplies and fresh all natural home made henna paste and aftercare products.