Bay Area Face Painters ~ Making YOU the STAR of the SHOW! .¸¸.•*¨`*• ☆

Bay Area Face Painters is a network of experienced, professionally trained artists. We are not magicians, clowns or characters. We specialize in booking high quality, professional, full-time artists with the ability to offer multiple services! Our focus is producing high quality temporary body art for All Ages and All Ocassions!

We cover the entire San Francisco Bay Area and have face painters and artists living locally in San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, Mill Valley, Castro Valley, Fremont, Union City, San Mateo, Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. Travel fees may be required for to towns in the outer Bay Area where we do not have artists living locally, including Novato, Sonoma, Napa, Vallejo, Livermoe and Monterey Bay.

Booking Your Event

The best, fasest and most accurate way to receive a quote is to fill out our custom quote form. We do our best to return phone calls within 24 hours. If you call us on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, chances are you will hear back from us on Monday, if not sooner :)

If you are looking to book a face painter last minute, that would be this coming weekend, please contact us! Fill out our custom quote form form and/or send a text to booking agent Lisa Flora (831) 247-7019 with your date, time and location for fastest response. We receive 3-6 calls per month from moms and dads and large scale event organizers whose face painters canceled on them last minute. We love to get your event covered if we can!

Which artist will be coming to my party?

If you are booking an artist to offer face painting, glitter tattoos, henna tattoos, nail art, hair braiding, or any combination of these services, you are guaranteed a featured artist who is skilled at offering those services. We will choose among them whomever is closest to your local area or the artist whose schedule fits best with your special event. We do not charge extra for travel fees unless the only artist we have available would be driving a great distance. If you have special design requests or want the artist to be able to offer specific type of design, please let us know. We will send the best artist based on your special events needs. If there is a particular artist's style you especially love, you can special request that artist. See below for more info ~

Can I Special Request a specific artist?

Yes you can! Your request is subject to the artists’ availability. When you book with us without requesting a certain artist we give you our base rate and we will send you the featured artist closest to your local area or the artist whose schedule would work best with your special event. If you are booking face painting only, and want to special request one of our most experienced face painters or artists who offer the most epic highest quality face painting, we will quote our higher rates for top artists and will require you to cover additional travel fees for the requested artist if they are not already in your local area. If you confirm at the lower, base rate, we can make a note of the artist you prefer and do our best to send you that artist if it works with their schedule. But you are guaranteed an experience professional artist regardless! All of our face painters are super talented and we know that you will love any face painter that we send you!

How do face painters and artists dress for events?

Bay Area Face Painters and artists dress professionally, colorfully, and/or creatively for every party or special event. Our events range from 2 year old birthday parties and family parties to Night Club Events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and large scale corporate events. We dress appropriately for the ocassion. Each artist has their own style. If you have a special request or theme for your event, we are happy to do our best to dress for the ocassion. However, we do not dress in costume or as characters. Our focus is producing epic high quality temporary body art for all ages and all ocassions! ~ Our goal is to make YOU the STAR of the SHOW .¸¸.•*¨`*• ☆

Travel Fees, Rates & Services

Bay Area Face Painters has a network of professional face painters living locally all over the San Francisco Bay Area, therefore we can pass the savings onto our clients by not charging travel fees. Booking in advance will guarantee a local artist. If you book last minute and our only available artist is traveling a considerable distance, we may require an additional travel fee. Areas outside of our regular coverage zone that require travel fees: Vallejo, Novato, Napa, Livermore and Monterey Bay. We always require parking fees to be covered if necessary.

Specialty Services include Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos and Nail Art. All of our featured artists offer high quality face painting for kids as well as simple freehand and stencil glitter tattoos. We are also now offering Nail Art with professional licensed estheticians in our Family Package Rates.

Premium Services include Henna, Glamour Tattoos, Balloon Twisting and Hair Braiding. These services require booking an artist with a highly trained set of skills. You are guaranteeing one of our best and most experienced artists by booking one of these services or a Magical Makeover package. Rates are higher to book an artist who can offer a Premium Service because we are guaranteeing one of our best featured artists who can offer the services you choose. All of our artists are excellent face painters, but only a few can also offer one of our premium services like Balloon Twisting, Hair Braiding or Bridal Mehndi quality Henna.

Why are rates for corporate events higher? Corporate events require a lot more administrative work, that small private family parties do not, including extra paperwork, release forms, invoices, insurance, etc.

Confirmation Deposits

Bay Area Face Painters do not consider your event fully confirmed until you make a confirmation deposit. Your deposit amount depends on the number of services and artists you are booking for your event. Contact us directly or fill out our quote form. You can make payment safely and conveniently with a credit card via Paypal by clicking the link on the home page of our website. Otherwise, make arrangements with your booking agent. All professional artists require a confirmation deposit to fully confirm your party.

Cancellation Policy

Once a confirmation deposit has been made, we are now officially holding open our calendar for you and you are guaranteed one of our professional artists for your event. We cannot book another event if you cancel or change your date last minute. Confirmation deposits are 50% refundable if you cancel before 14 days of your event. Confirmation deposits are non-refundable if you cancel an event within 14 days of the confirmed date. If your date has changed, we will transfer the entire confirmation deposit to your new date if it is within 14 days of the original date. However, we cannot guarantee our artists availability if you change your date.

Set-up Requirements

Most of our face painters and artists require you to provide a table (approx 4x4 feet) and 2 chairs, *per artist. Part of a picnic table and bench works great for a party in the park. Some artists are able to bring a small table and their own stool(s), however not all of our artists have their own set-up.

Shade is very important if outdoors! The artist also needs to be in a shaded area or shade structure if outdoors. The sun will melt our paints and kids eyes will water if they are looking into direct sunlight. The heat from direct sunlight can also damage some of our supplies, including nail paints, all-natural henna paste and aftercare. Long hours under the hot sun can also be very draining.

The artists require ample lighting if indoors! Please make sure you are providing a comfortable work environment for our artsits so they can create the best body art possible for your party!

Clients will be charged an extra fee if you require us to supply our own tables and chairs for multiple artists. We can also provide an entire body art lounge complete with decor and, if necessary, a shade structure for outdoor events. Extra fees depend on the amount and time for set-up.