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Our face painting, henna, glitter tattoo and body art services are perfect for:

• Kid's Birthday Parties
• Corporate Events
• Outdoor Picnics
• Festivals & Street Fairs
• Family Gatherings
• Bar/Bat Mitvah
• Graduation Parties

Multiple face painters and artists available!


For more information about Henna, please visit Healing Henna by Robyn Jean...

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All-Natural Henna Tattoos

Don't forget the parents! Add henna to your next party and offer something fun, lovely and temporary for the parents and older kids at the party. Teens and adults love beautiful, all-natural henna tattoos. It is a wonderful, safe and temporary way to mark a special occasion!

Face Painter and Event Coordinator Robyn Jean is also a professional henna artist with over 6 years experience offering henna body art for pregnant belly blessings, baby & bridal showers, bridal mehndi, wedding & engagement parties and birthday parties. Take advantage of her unique ability to offer super high quality face painting, freehand water-proof glitter tattoos AND bridal mehndi quality henna at your next event! Visit Healing Henna by Robyn Jean in the San Francisco Bay Area for more info about henna and photo galleries of henna body art ~

Is henna good for all ages?

Henna is great for anyone who can sit still for the artist to create an intricate design, and allow the henna paste 15-20 mintes to dry without smearing it. Henna is generally better for older kids, teens and adults and not recommended for the little ones. Face painting or glitter tattoos are usually most appropriate for younger kids.

Henna is perfect to mark any special occasion, birthday parties for kids, tweens & teen parties, grad nights, bar/bat mitvahs, or when the parents don't want to be left out!

What is Henna?

Henna is an all-natural plant material. The leaves from the plant are dried and ground into a powder. Black tea, lemon juice and essential oils are added to mix the henna into a paste. The paste is applied to the skin, it soaks into the top few layers of your skin and leaves a stain. It can last 1-4 weeks depending on placement and aftercare. All-natural henna will always stain an orange - red - brown color. Henna is NEVER BLACK > Please read about the dangers of Black Henna. Bay Area Face Painters & Healing Henna by Robyn Jean is committed to offering safe, all-natural body art for your party. We mix a fresh batch of all-natural organic henna paste for every event.

How does Henna work?

First be still, allow your henna design 15-20 minutes to dry. Apply a lemon/sugar aftercare spray. This sets the henna and keeps is stuck on your skin. The longer you leave the henna paste on your skin, the darker it will stain and the longer it will last. 2-4 hours is good, 6-12 hours is ideal. Watch as the color develops from orange > red > dark brownish/red over the next 24-48 hours. The exfoliation of your skin is what causes it to fade. Hands will generally last 1-2 weeks. Ankles and upper/lower arms can last up to 1 month!

What does the artist bring to a henna party?

We bring fresh all-natural organic henna paste, glitter to add to the top of the henna paste, lemon/sugar aftercare, instruction cards and portfolios with designs appealing to all ages and both men and women. We can offer simple 3 minute designs and can do henna for 15-20 people per hour. Or we can offer more elaborate full hand henna designs for up to 10 people per hour.

Set-up requirements for Your Artist

Please plan on providing your artist a table (approx. 3x3 feet of space) and two chairs. Part of a picnic table and bench works well for locations like Golden Gate Park, Coyote Point Park and other park locations. Our artists can bring their own tables, chairs, and/or tall directors chairs to your event. Make sure to discuss any special requirements with event coordinator Robyn Jean or your confirmed artist. Good LIGHTING is very important if indoors! Artists always need to be in the shade for outdoor events! Please have a comfortable space for us to work so we can create the best designs possible :)

We offer competetive rates for face painting, henna & gliter tattoo parties. Rates are based on the size of your party, number of hours, number of services, amount of set-up required, your location and whether you require a custom portfolio for your event. We have artists local in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, the Peninsula & Santa Cruz! Contact Robyn Jean to plan your party!

We book multiple artists for large scale events! Most of our artists can offer more than one service at your party! Combine the services you want, and only pay for one artist!

Please contact Robyn Jean at (415) 828-9397 or send an email :)