Tribal Tattoos

Temporary Tribal Tattoos are water-proof and smudge-proof! They will last up to 7 days or they can be washed away with rubbing alcohol the day you have it applied. Water-proof Temporary Tribal Tattoos are perfect for kids swimming pool parties, adult parties and corporate events. This temporary body art option is especially appealing to boys, men, and ladies, who prefer something water-proof and long lasting... without the glitter ;D

Artists can apply 15-20 Tribal Tattoos per hour ~


Waterproof Temporary Tribal Tattoos are applied with a black alcohol based paint. Our paints are FDA approved and safe for use on face and body.

Bay Area Face Painters are professional full-time artists, we freehand most of our designs, making them unique to each person. We can take special requests! We do also use stencils for younger kids (and adults) who can not sit still long enough for our more elaborate freehand designs. Any of our Glitter Tattoo designs can be done in as a black temporary Tribal Tattoo!

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Tribal Tattoo Aftercare & Removal

Our Tribal Tattoos can last up to 3-7 days. To keep it looking good, do not scratch it or rub it with a towel. To remove your tattoo: Use rubbing alcohol, soap and warm water to rinse away.

Set-up Requirements

Most of our face painters require you to provide a table (approx 4x4 feet) and 2 chairs per artist. Part of a picnic table and bench works great for a party in the park.

The artist needs to be placed in a shaded area or shade structure if outdoors. The sun will melt our paints and kids eyes will water if they are looking into direct sunlight. Long hours under the hot sun can also be very draining. The face painters and artists require ample lighting if indoors! Please make sure you are providing a comfortable work environment for our artsits so they can create the best face painting possible for your party!